Server is a source of various information, such as employee information, customer information, database, accounting software system, etc. It seems clear that the organization’s data is important. To prevent data loss is one of the factors that must be taken care of, including the ability to expand the data to support the data increase. To find a right server, there may be quite a lot of details to be concerned about, whether types of equipment or licenses. Our team can help you give advice and install the system, making install server to be easy to you.


From digitalization, everything is transformed to be on the Internet on cloud, the network must be ready for all kinds of applications, starting from the security-Firewall, the LAN system, the branch connection, or internal communication such as IP phone.
We are ready to give advice on how to improve the system to optimize the network better, making it support for any kind of workload together with a safety concern by teams that have the knowledge and experience to set the system to suit every organization.

Surveillance and Access Control

Theft incidents can be found every day. you can increase the security of your assets with a security system, whether CCTV or Access control. We are ready to give advice on choosing the installation point and equipment which are suitable for your house, small office, or large offices. In addition, you can choose to add features for more safety devices, such as Face recognition, Time stamping, or to find lost items with smart search, etc.


In this era, we can work from anywhere in any desks, or bring a mobile phone as part of the work, or using various IoT devices.To reduce the hassle of wiring, would it be better if we change the connection from wired to wireless. It is not only reducing the cost of wiring, but also cutting off the use of resources, for instance switches.

Conference call

Now we are starting to see a full evolution into WFH. To make your meetings more efficient, We are happy to help you search for the right device and set up an online meeting-keeping your meetings running smoothly, or install equipment for making a conference room that meets all needs, whether big or small. Moreover, we can help you to teach how-to-use devices, suitable for all types of offices, as well as co-working spaces.