(Cookie Policy)

  • What the cookie is?

A cookie is text files that may be saved on your computer by the websites you visit. After that, the cookie is sent back to the origin website for each subsequent visit or for other websites to remember. The cookie used to make websites work efficiently, including providing information to website owners.

  • Types of cookie

There are two types of cookies used, namely Session Cookie and Persistent Cookie. The session cookie is a temporary cookie that remains on your device until you leave our website, while the persistent cookie stays on your device longer or until you delete it yourself. However, the cookie will remain on your device depending on the age of that cookie or your browser settings.

  • Types of cookie that Americana use
    • Necessary Cookie – These cookies are necessary for the website to function effectively. Also, it is essential to enable you to use the features you have requested, such as logging in to secure websites.
    • Functionality Cookie – These cookies help to remember the user experience on your website when you return to use our website again. This will help us provide suitable information for you and remember the information that you choose, such as language, product information, etc.
    • Analytical Cookie – These cookies help analyze the method of access and behavior in visiting websites in order to improve the operation of the website for better quality and more suitable.
  • A third-party cookie

For certain operations on our website, the company use services provided by a third-parties, such as links, or other content provided by the third-parties. This means that some may contain third-party cookies. The company encourage you to read the privacy policy via third-party websites regarding the use of third party cookies.

  • To remove and block cookies

You can reject or block all cookies or some categories that our website specifies. You can set cookies or change as your needs on our website and/or third-party’s website. Please note that most web browsers automatically accept cookies. It means that if you wish to reject or block the use of cookies, you need to keep blocking or delete cookies at all times. However, rejecting or blocking the use of cookies may cause certain operations on the website to not be as effective as it should be. You can edit or refuse to use cookies via ……

  • A change in cookie policy

The company may update this cookie policy. The company encourage you to periodically review this policy to reappraise the information as well as other additional information that the company have updated on the website.